Travelling on Cruise Ship or Boat With Your Dog

To travel on a ship with your dog it's necessary to follow the established rules, a travel agency will give you the necessary information. If you're dealing with long journeys the dog can be on the deck (always tied up) or stay in the cabin. On short journeys it usually stays in the coach or in a cage. Usually dogs don't get sea sick.With Your Dog in the Vacation Spot
Like men, a dog also needs to adapt to it's new environment. On very hot days you shouldn't make your dog do big efforts, since it's not accustomed to the heat.

You shouldn't allow your dog explore by itself since it might not be able to find it's way back. Find out if there are local dogs out on the loose. Keep in mind that there are other people around, even though it's presence is tolerated on the beach, you should avoid that your dog bothers other people. Vacations in the Car with Your Dog

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