Optional games to play inside

When the weather is bad or neither you nor the dog is in the mood to go out, there are some fun things you can do, by using your imagination, you can make your home have a fun atmosphere. In these circumstances you can take the advantage to teach it the rules it needs when you go outside. And of course, do not forget its reward.

Using two chairs upside down, with a sheet over it, you can use it a tunnel. And by placing a board over the chairs you create an excellent platform for the dog to jump over.

Wine bottles or other similar objects, allows you to create a slalom strip. It's important that the distance between them is not too short and that it adapts well to the size of the dog.

A strong, resistant blanket can be used to wrap the dog in, and have it get loose by itself. It can also be used to throw around and play the game of catching its prey, that it loves so much.

"A bench is not only used for resting"

Fruit boxes or other types of boxes, that are of strong resistance, can be used to form obstacles of which the dog will have to jump over. Retrieving the bottom and top of the box, you will have formed a tunnel in which the dog will go through by crawling.

Busters' cube or magic ball (can be found in pet shops), is a dice or hallow ball with holes in it, to be able to fill it with dry food. You place it in front of the dog, so that it'll smell it and becomes curious, this is when it puts the ball into action. The dry food will fall out little by little, rewarding the dog for its curiosity and playful manner. This is a good entertainment for the dog, when it has to be on its own.

Other games with a companion

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