Organising or How to Organize a Dog Agility Training Competition

Clubs wanting to organize an dog agility competition must:

  1. Have a ring of minimum 20 x 40 m. The surface must not present a danger to the dogs or handlers (no broken glass, nails, pot holes etc.)
  2. Appoint a judge approved by his own kennel Club and the FCI to officiate.
  3. Provide a number of stewards necessary to run a competition smoothly, which includes:

A scribe who notes the faults signaled by the judge, so the judge need not take his eyes off the dog

  • 2 timekeepers in charge of timing the dogs (1 official – 1 back up)
  • 2 equipment stewards in charge of rebuilding obstacles and straightening the flat tunnel after each passage
  • 2 secretaries (minimum) in charge of the scoreboard, filling in the record books and sorting out the places.
  • 1 ring steward to show competitors in and out the ring.
  • A team (6 people) available to build or rebuild the course according to the judge's instructions.

Eligibility to enter dog competitions

Eligible to enter:
a) Official agility tests sanctioned by the FCI, that award the FCI Agility Certificate and qualify for national competitions and the FCI World Championships:

All breeds over 18 months and in possession of a pedigree recognised by the FCI and are members of a club belonging to a National Cynological Organisation (kennel Club) affiliated to the FCI.

Competitors must have a record book or a license issued by their NCO in which competition results are recorded.

b) Unofficial agility tests
All dogs over 18 months with or without pedigree; they must however be tattooed and owners/handlers must be members of a club belonging to a NCO affiliated to the FCI.

Ineligible to enter:

  • Pregnant bitches
  • Bitches in heat
  • Dogs that are apparently ill or hurt

Dogs coming from or going to a region infected with rabies must have a valid inoculation certificate against rabies.

Handlers must be a member of a club belonging to a NCO.

Visiting handlers/dogs from other countries must show that they are a member of a NCO affiliated to the FCI and that they compete in official tests in their own country.

Competitors are expected to be on their best behavior and properly dressed

Harsh handling will be condemned severely and will result in immediate elimination. A complaint may also be lodged against the handler.

The organizing club has the right to refuse any entry.

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