Dog Rewards Treats & Buiscuits

Although snack rewards are most often used in training there are other rewards which your dog might find as equally motivating. Games and toys are an entirely different type of reward and might just be the added incentive your dog needs. Maybe your dog loves stuffed animals, chasing balls or goes wild over a squeaky toy. You can use these things together with the clicker (in the same as food) to reinforce his good behavior.Try mixing snacks with these other types of rewards for those dogs who enjoy games and toys. You as the trainer have to find out what works best for your dog. You could use all snacks for some training sessions and all games and toys as rewards for others or try mixing both. Whatever works best for your dog.

When using games or toys as a reward be sure to only play with the reward for five or ten seconds, then put the toy back out of sight and move on with your training. In this way the toy doesn't distract your dog from learning.

Here are some fun ideas for alternative rewards:

  • Play a quick game of catch the ball, tug of war or fetch
  • Hide a toy and look for it together
  • Throw a Frisbee
  • Giving lots of lively praise and encouragement
  • Running after bubbles
  • Vigorously petting your dog
  • Have your dog chase a flashlight beam around the floor
  • Letting him play with a stuffed animal or squeaky toy

Dogs love and crave attention and affection. When you show your appreciation for them in this way with words and physical touch they respond well. You might just find yourself benefiting as well.

Help your dog like other rewards

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