Dog Games with a companion

  • approaching itself and then running away ("leading the game");
  • circular movement (means it is enjoying the game);
  • running and following; the dog will follow it's owner and bite on his/her heels, such as its mother has taught it to;
  • catch and be caught;
  • all the different games of struggling and fighting;
  • go or ride with the dog on the bicycle;
  • search and find.

These are precisely the games that are used for the dog to measure out its tendency of "biting for pleasure". Puppies still don't have the inhibition of biting, but since its part of playing, you must teach it to learn how to control it. For these games of struggle and fight, you should count on these accessories:

  • a strong, resistant blanket, to be able to shake it forcefully;
  • a thick glove for the combat;
  • a football or handball, to dribble, halt and role it. A tennis ball is not recommendable for its surface is too plush.

During the game or training, you should try to motivate the dog as much as you can, and there are no limits for the imagination. The limits will be put when you're treating with a dog that refuses to collaborate or doesn't know what's expected of it. The point is not to obligate it but to motivate it.

The more things you try out with your dog, the closer it'll pay attention to you. And if it's always tied up let it loose. The coexistence with the dog and its owner will be better and each time the bond will be greater between them. Finally we can say this from both parts!

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