Other Precautions with Your Dog

Give your Order with Precaution
Just give the "come" order to your dog when you know that you can obligate him to come. When your dog already obeys you inside your house, gradually start to do the same outside. At first, take a long leash or a retractable leash so you won't be holding your dog by the collar and always have food prizes or toys on you.

Final Reward
Take your dog to different playing areas because he might be obedient in one place yet not in the others. When you call your dog, be firm and enthusiastic and give him a lot of praise when he comes. At the end of the exercise, instead of calling him, order your dog to sit, approach him and put his leash on. Give your dog a food prize before going back home.

Afraid of the Dog leash
You should never whip your dog with the leash and much less when he comes to you. Don't grab your dog by his collar because he can believe it's a game and will try to keep you from doing so.

Vehicle Chasing
The hunting desire that dogs have is just part of their natural behavior, but the intensity of this desire varies according to the breed and the dog. Their instincts are stimulated by the movements and the urge gets even stronger if other dogs join in the chase. This enthusiasm can be controlled but never completely eliminated. Never let your dog give in to this instinctive desire because it might become a difficult habit to get rid of and can be a danger to your dog's life.

Chasing cars can be fun for the dog, but it is dangerous. The car runs away so the dog is satisfied, but it can also be very dangerous.

The Cyclists Challenge
The sight of a cyclist provokes the dog to chase her. Because the cyclists doesn't stop, the dog considers himself successful.

Instant Solution
Ask a friend to go past your dog on a bicycle. When the dog starts to chase your friend, you should stop suddenly and spray the dog with a water gun and say "NO".

You can also do the following: when the cyclist passes by slowly, order the dog to "sit" showing him a food prize in your hand. After that, give the dog the prize when the cyclist passes. Repeat the exercise until the dog obeys all of the times, without trying to chase the cyclist when he speeds up. After that, reward him with one of his favorite toys.

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