Outdoor Dog Bed

My dog and I recently discovered the benefits of an outdoordog bed. My dog stays inside my house and has been trained to use the garden for his business. He does very well inside and only through fault of my own has he had the occasional accident. He doesn't chew the furniture nor shoes. He is very well behaved around friends and family, even little kids love him and he loves them. The problem which I had, started in the summer. As I live out in the country we don't have air conditioning and it can get outrageously hot.

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My dog started going outside for prolonged periods and then coming back in, but dirty. I didn't understand why he was doing this for a long time. I tried disciplining him but he still continued to make these trips outside. He would go outside and lay on the ground under the trees nap for a while and then enter the house again. Well it finally dawned on me that it was cooler and more pleasant for him to sleep outside where there was a nice breeze. But I also couldn't have him getting the inside of the house dirty. So what to do? A friend suggested that I get my dog an outdoor dog bed. Well what could be simpler. Training my dog to use the outdoor dog bed rather than the ground wasn't that hard and now he can enjoy the cool breeze outside the house and still come in afterwards without dirtying everything up.

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