Outdoor dog kennel

If you are going to purchase an outdoor dog kennel then I recommend that you get a dog kennel with an all weather guard cover. If you don't have a weather guard it is easy to purchase one online and they come in all shapes and sizes. The weather guard is essential for almost all types of climates.

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Whether it rains, is sunny, snowy or windy the weather guard provides your outdoor dog kennel with a protective barrier against the elements and that means your dog will be happier and healthier.
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Putting a cover over your dog kennel will provide shade when the sun is shinning which is an important factor especially if you have your dog house connected to a climate control system. By keeping your doghouse out of the direct sun light you can add years to your AC/Heater device.

Also the weather guard will help keep the rain off of your dog's house, keeping your dog drier and less exposed and the same with snow.
Equally as important the protective covering over your dog's outdoor kennel will keep the metal in the frame and wire meshing from becoming overexposed to the elements and aging before their time.
And make sure to never buy a outdoor dog kennel that isn't protected from rust or you will be in for big trouble very quickly.
The rust free protection will also allow you to more easily keep your dog's kennel clean and free of unwanted and unwelcome parasites.
The height of the outdoor dog kennel is another important factor and even if you have a smaller dog it is still recommended that you get a tall-sided kennel. In the case where you have a smaller dog the high sides is more to protect your dog from outside intruders than from it escaping but it is no less important. Finally be sure that any dog kennel you purchase is large enough for your dog's house to fit in with some room leftover for your pooch to move around in.


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