Outdoor dog run

An outdoor dog run could save your pet's life if you happen to live in an area that is frequented by wild animals. I am not only talking about carnivorous animals like bears or wild cats that every year claim the lives of countless pets but I am also talking about squirrels, skunks, foxes, badgers, raccoons, bats and the like that in their own way claim an innumerable amount of pets through rabies infected bites.

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Animals like coyotes, wolves, bears, mountain lions and other wild cats are hunters that often find pets easy prey and are becoming more and more of a threat because of the fact that more and more urban areas are encroaching on these wild beasts of prey's living a
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nd hunting areas.

But even if your part of the country doesn't contain any savage animals that would like to eat your pet if you even have smaller wild animals that happen to live around you these can be a very serious threat to the well being of your dog.

As rabies is spread primarily through contact with wild animals it is without question something that must be seriously considered and dog owners must take every precaution in order to protect their canines.

Since normal fencing usually is ineffective as a barrier when it comes to keeping scavenging wild animals out of your yard an outdoor dog run is an excellent alternative that can allow you to have your dog live safely outdoors while perfectly protected both from the threat of carnivores and rabies infected scavengers.

Even animals that aren't infected with rabies can carry other infectious diseases and parasites (both internal and external) and pose a very real threat to an unprotected dog.

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