Outdoor Field Games for Dogs

Start looking for, together with your dog, ideal places to play.

Fallen Tree Trunks: Ideal for jumping (small trunks) and balancing themselves on (thick trunks), choose the one at are at the edge of the paths and not ones that are to far apart from them.

Soft Capes of Dirt covered by Leafs: For hiding objects (toys and candies). Very attractive for the dog, because of the intensity and of smells he will find and as well as being able to dig away without being stopped.Outdoor Field Games for Dogs

Tress, Haystacks and Embankments: To hide behind them but you need. But you will need some one else to hold the dog for you while you go and hide.

Different Structures of the Floor: (including leaves and tall grass). Marks of aromatic scents meant to follow a track.

Big Open Surfaces: (long prairies full of grass, isolated areas without traffic, broad paths beaches).

At Distance Games: Frisbee and other games that have to do with throwing and fetching.

Small Open Surfaces: (paths an opening in the forest, prairies and beaches). Corporal proximity games: capturing and ability games, tug a war.

Hills and Mountain Peaks: (with low height obstacles which can be jumped). Walks, races and fitness training.

Wood and Field Paths: (avoiding the asphalt as much as possible). Jogging, walking together with the bicycle.

Water: (lakes, ponds and rivers with low current). Swimming combined with fetching things out of the water.

Important: Places that are prohibited from playing as a general rule are: children's park, the highway, parking lots, in most municipal parks and green communal zone park's (information in the local administration office; local city halls must have available of parks and spaces made for dogs), in pedestrian zones, away from the forest paths, in crop fields, (sowed or not, with fruit or not), in hunting forests or zones, in natural parks and animal care centers, in private properties even though not fenced.

Keep in Mind while Out
Appropriate Time for Games: During the summer, games should be left for the hours of the morning and the afternoon. Reduce training in general terms.

Protection against Ticks: Cut down to the least possible your walks through high grass and bushes since the beginning of summer until fall. Examine the fog after each walk to check if he has any parasites or and put on an anti tick collar. Tick bites are as dangerous as for the dog and human, since it can cause infections.

The Obligation of a leash: Dogs with a great instinct of hunting and pursuit must not be let loose though hunting zones (woods, and fields). Nevertheless you can place a 10 meter leash on him.

Terrain Inspection: Before letting your dog play in a unknown terrain or jump in the water of a lake, its important to inspect the zone looking for dangerous residues (metal, glass) holes in the ground and pointed rocks, the same as inspecting beaches and the river banks to make sure you don't find strange bodies or pointed sea shells.

Visual Contact: The dog must never be farther than 10 meters from his owner, especially in the forest. Only this way will you be able to react on time if he picks up a scent which he choose to chase.

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