Outdoor Games Dogs & Everyone

These outdoor games for dogs are appropriate for adult dogs and young ones that their physical development has finished.
Running and Jumping Training: Most owners don't want to go chasing their dogs around in a exhausting way.

Alternative: 2 or 3 people go passing the ball around and give the command <come!> alternatively so the dog will go after each one. Let him play with the ball for a bit so he doesn't loose interest. Additional educative components: say <no!> when the dog turns to the wrong person, but praise him when he turns to the right one. Let a broom stick fall on him but only so it touches him (so it doesn't cause any damage), you can easily build an obstacle to jump. Its just as practical as using a tire hanging from a tree. Jumps through a tire demand more of an effort and physical domination than jumping fences. The stick and tire we'll be put at a low height at first. The first jumps must not be higher than the sprints done running at full velocity.

Attention: If a person takes the roll of a <prey >, it may look to a dominant dog that your giving up your authority.

Ball Games: There is no list of favorite owner and dog games. But if their should be one, it wouldn't be very hard to guess #1: the ball, since it includes everything that an owner and dog would like to play and do sports. Everything is allowed except for what ever is prohibited by the veterinarian. The ideal would be balls made of firm rubber <bite-proof> and an appropriate size (so the dog can grab them with their mouth). Experts tend not to agree with tennis balls: on the long run, their fibrous covering cause similar cavities to the ones produced by rocks. In a fight with the ball, the dog will hit the ball back thrown at him at mid height with his muzzle, to return it to his partner. The appropriate balls for big and medium size dogs must be light and the size of handball or soccer. Here they must also let go of the ball when commanded. Don't keep your eye off your dog while its playing with the ball alone, and take it away from him after sport the sport hour is over. Some dogs get so into the ball so much that your garden flowers end up scattered all over your garden in a couple of minutes.

Important: never throw small balls directly at the dog, they can choke on them while trying to grab them. more Outdoor Games for Everyone

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