Outdoor Games for Dog in Expeditions and Excursions

The great fitness adventure: With a bit of imagination, each nature walk could be an expedition for the dog. Your garden woodscan be a paradise as a game field, but there comes a time when they're already familiar with the whole house, it's another thing having a free space with out frontiers like across the street where they're doing they're discovering. But understand this were not talking about taking a walk to the same places where they do they're necessities. Your activities in the outdoors must have some kind of pacification on the owners' part; he must do preparations of new activities, games and sports. Out a nature walk you don't have to worry about toys, candies or obstacles tracks. Who ever have an interest in widening their imagination in sports or activities for out doors can read the next few pages.

Game Limits in the Outdoors

  • All dogs must have a collar and leash on when going through the forest. But their owners tend to let this pass too often. For a dog to be able to be loose and without a leash he has to obey your commands to a 100%, always be within sight and come as soon as you call. As well trained as the dog can be, it will be hard to prevent him from finding or tracing a prey if he is totally trained into that. You mustn't allow those dogs to walk with out a leash.
  • Don't let your dog play in the bushes and under bushes. Let him play only in the forest path or in the border of it.
  • Be extra careful in spring and fall since there's a lot of nesting, so be extra precautious about the ones that nest on the floor.
  • During winter (especially when there is snow) forest animals are very sensitive towards any disturbances and they have to use the little energy they have to run away.
  • Don't let your dogs bathe in ponds (in some are prohibited) or places were you could find off springs in.
  • There a lot of areas where dogs aren't allowed near the ocean swimming points (beaches). But there are some beaches that allow dog access.
  • Avoid loud excessive noises (shouted commands, and continual growling and barking) in the woods and fields.

Together with your Dog in Expeditions and Excursions
In the garden it's easy to plan out games and sports. But in excursions and walks you must find an appropriate place to do your games. Dogs like it when things are left as they are: family hierarchy, house order and food. But when out they like new wisps of air, odd and eccentric ones. Change the routes and paths of your dog walks as often as you can. Take small rodeos, a parallel route, go the opposite direction. Or get him in the car and drive around for about 10 minutes and provide a new scent world.

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