Overcoming a Fear of Dog

People that fear dogs: Most people in general feel affection and a certain sympathy towards dogs, even when they don't dare get near them. A lot of people feel captivated by dog's beauty and noble look but they don't want to get near and even less, touch them. There are other people who feel completely indifferent towards dogs and only know they exist when they walk by them to which they proceed to criticize them and their owners. There are also people who are completely terrified of dogs and every time a dog passes by them on the street they panic. If we stop to analyze each case in particular we can see that the affection and sympathy people feel towards dogs has to do because of the beauty dogs posses, the different breeds there are, on how trained they are, and on the affection they show for their owners. People who are indifferent see dogs as being mere objects; they do not acknowledge that dogs are beautiful living beings with personalities, and that they represent the universal idea of loyalty and love. People who have a phobic fear against dogs may have not been correctly taught by their parents when they were kids; some people are under the impression that all dogs are bad and bite. This type of pathologic fear can also be a consequence of having been bit by a dog, and obviously a bad disposition is created towards all of them in general without distinguishing breed or size.

Overcoming this with a treatment for people who are afraid and fear dogs is the same for dogs who are afraid of people, and it consists on little by little getting them get near a dog until eventually they are able to touch the dogs head. Obviously this has to be done very slowly with a lot of patience. For this kind of practice it is very important you use an easy going dog that is very well trained so that he does not scare the person who is already very frightened as it is. People that do not appreciate or know how to appreciate the beauty of these animals will never have the opportunity to know true loyal friendship and pure love.

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