Symptom of Cancer in Dogs

Renal Insufficiency in the dog: The amount of proteins must be reduced, but always respecting the amount of energy required. We will also have to reduce the amount of Phosphorous. The proportion of phosphorous should not exceed the 4%.

Dog Cardiac Insufficiency: This most frequent illness is the hardening of the cardiac valves, this produces a blow. One of the consequences of this problem is the retention of liquids; therefore we must stop using salt in the dog's food.

Dog Medical Care

It is recommended to realize a check when the dog reaches the age of 10 years, this consists in 4 tests.

  • A pulmonary X-ray, which will allow us to discover possible pulmonary tumors (these form round stains in the x-ray), the deterioration of the bronchi or a hypertrophy in the heart. The x-ray is not painful for the dog. We just have to place it sideways on the x-ray table.
    The x-ray will be revealed in 5 minutes.
  • A blood analysis, this will allow us to analyze the amount of urea in the blood, the amount of red and white blood cells in the blood. This way we will be able to adopt the right measures in the case of any alteration.
    The blood is extracted out of one of the frontal legs or the jugular.
  • An electrocardiogram, to prove if the heart is working well. Not all vets are equipped with the necessary instruments to realize these tests. Anyway, this will allow us to find a possible problem.
  • Feeling the abdomen, thanks to this we can probe if there are any strange lumps. This type of check can be done every 2 to 3 years.

Dog Tumors and Cancers: Cancer is one of the worst problems that a living thing can go through. Therefore, it is convenient to know all the symptoms to detect it in time. It is also necessary to distinguish between the tumors and cancers.

Benign Tumors and Malign Tumors in a dog: There are benign tumors (are not serious) and malign tumors (cancer). A way of knowing the seriousness of these tumors is by taking a sample and analyzing them. Tumors are usually not operated in dogs because it requires general anesthesia.

Dog Mammary Tumors: These are very common in female dogs. In this case we have to operate these, even if they are very small, in order to analyze them. We will have to take an x-ray of the dog's lungs to see if other tumors have formed from the previous tumors, which will indicate whether it is bad or not. Dog Therapies

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