Canine parvovirus. Parvovirus in Dog.

Is canine parvovirus still a great threat? Yes, but inoculation has reduced the number of cases. It first appeared in the late 70's, and extended throughout the world, and its origins are still unknown. It could have been a mutant kind of the feline panleucopaenia virus, that it's also a parvovirus. Actually there are two different effects, perfectly identified, of parvovirus in dogs. In case of puppies with only five weeks of age, the virus affects heart musculature, and causes a sudden death by heart attack. Some puppies can survive, but they have a bad treatment, cause damage is irreversible; they can die suddenly afterwards, affected by previous miocarditis (heart muscle inflammation). When the canine parvovirus attacks the intestinal covering of old dogs, these usually develop a typical diarrhea spotted with blood, with vomiting, and quick dehydration. Probably treatment will demand the use an intravenous drop by drop, but a complete recovery is not guaranteed. Frequently, the intestine is permanently damaged, which restricts food absorption. It's also inevitable a lost of weight after the critical phase is over. Besides, the intermittent diarrhea will be there for the rest of his life. The process of inoculation recommended, depends on the breeds concerned, in case of puppies. Ask your veterinarian. The parvovirosis in dogs is a serious disease, and makes sense to have him well protected. This virus has a long life and can remain out of the body at least for a year, being resistant also, too many disinfectants. It can expand through clothes and shoes, as well as through more natural ways, like food bowls. After an epidemic, we should clean the house carefully with bleach, using a protecting shoe that can be submerged into a lye solution, to reduce the risk of propagation of the disease to not vaccinated dogs.

Will inoculation provides an absolute guarantee for my dog

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