Peaceful Dogs

Peaceful dogs: A dog that is terribly frightened will use a peaceful strategy to calm his opponent down. Some dogs lower their bodies down to the ground while slowly moving their tail from side to side so that the other dog is aware that he has no intention of becoming aggressive. However, the dog will make sure to keep his dyes on the person or dog in case he needs to change strategies and run.

I'm not moving :A dog's reactions towards other dogs and human beings depend a lot on how they lived the first months of their lives as puppies. If adog has not been or grown up around people most likely he will be afraid of them and he will not know how to deal with new circumstances that surround him. A dog with this problem does not have enough confidence in himself to become aggressive and he will not know where to escape to if he runs into problems. Because of this problem, these dogs will usually just stand still and immobile hoping the person or dog will keep away. If the person or other dog gets too close, most likely the dog will run away.

Calm down dog: A dog that stands straight with his tail upwards looking straight at another dog is usually trying to avoid any other contact from happening between the two. This type of gesture is threatening to another dog and if the dog is not willing to fight it out he will try to use a peaceful gesture with the hopes of calming the situation down. A dog that is unsure about what to do will bend down slightly in a vulnerable position, his face will show his worry if his ears are back and stuck to his head and his mouth slightly open.

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