Pesticides around dogs and puppies

These products, made with organic phosphate composites, can provoke discomfort, vomits and spasms. Due to the immediate effects of the poison, it all depends on how fast you make it to the veterinarian and how fast he can act. It would take me too long to present all the possible consequences of the treatment here.With this I finish describing the most frequent cases of intoxication, which are not difficult to differentiate. However, the list of poisonings can be endless, as any substance can have toxic effects, even water or salt; it all depends on the quantities.

Important: If you suspect your dog has been poisoned by a stranger, you have to consider that you might want to file a complaint, in which you will have to prove the poisoning, and this is not always easy. Anyway, in such a case, have the veterinarian state when the poison could have been ingested. It is also important to specify which kind of poison it was, with the certification of a lab or institution. So my recommendation in these cases is: before making the decision to file a complaint, gather all the pertinent information and evidence. Otherwise, apart form the pain of having lost a beloved animal, you will also have to face elevated monetary damages if you happen to lose the case.

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