Picking Up & Lifting a Puppy

The right way to lift the puppy is with one hand in his chest and the other beneath his buttocks. If we catch him by his front legs we can hurt his elbows. When we want to be quiet for a while at home, we can lock them up at a precinct. These kind of accessories are expensive, and can be used only for some months, but they are worthily. When we don't need it any more, we can sell it to a breeder.Another useful accessory is the door-barrier, also use to impede small kids to go out of some place. Thanks to it we can have the puppies in a room, without been locked, which will make them feel isolated and in anguish. A good manner to have the puppy "parked" is to induce him to stay for some time within his den, that can be a folding cage or a carrier. It's necessary that he gets use since a puppy, placing him in the cage (first with the door open) when he is getting asleep, and leaving inside a toy to distract him. Some other time we can place a bone, crackers or whatever in the cage so he can bite. He must never be disturbed, not even touched, while he is in the cage (this must be clearly explain to children). Therefore, the cage will mean to him an oasis of calm and relief, where he will go when wanting to rest. After this, we can close the door, and he will not see it as a restriction, but as an enhancement of his privacy.

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