Pitbull dog kennel

When I bought my pedigree Pitbull "Delilah" I bought her with the intent of breeding her. Since I can't keep her inside though I decided that the safest way to keep her would be inside of a dog kennel so I bought what I consider to be a perfect dog kennel for Pitbulls.

kennel house
Since Pitbulls don't jump very high I figured at first that I wouldn't need a super high fence around the kennel but then I realized that because Delilah is not spayed I would
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need to protect her from other male dogs maybe even more than from herself.

The problem of stray or neighborhood dogs trying to mate with Delilah was one of the main reasons that brought about my decision to purchase the dog kennel in the first place. My house has a decent fence around it and so I knew that keeping my dog safely inside of the back yard wouldn't be a problem in itself but when I stopped to think about the threat of other dogs (specifically males) entering into the yard over the fence that made me re-evaluate and choose to put her in a kennel.
The kennel that I got for her is about 7' and has a cover over the top of it so that no dogs can get in unless I want them to. The cover is a strong fabric that has been all weather treated making it an excellent protection. And the body of the kennel is made of heavy duty steel and has a uni-body wire mesh perimeter system that is direct welded to the steel frame. The direct weld helps provide extra durability and also protects my Pitbull from any protrusions or sharp and jagged edges that might otherwise be in the dog kennel.

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