Playing as a way of social contact

Man and dogs are two of the few living creatures that still love to play, even when they are adults. Ethnologists say that nor man or dogs are respectfully evolved monkeys or wolves. Most canine breeds love to play and some (Boxers, Airedale Terriers or Cocker Spaniels), keep doing so an old age.

Playing starts off when there is a playful, defensive action portrayed (an inviting gesture): the dog will lean on its front paws, its chest is touching the floor and its behind is high in the air. Then it'll move forward impulsively, like saying "come... let's begin!". You can even see it on the expression of its face, it slightly opens its mouth as if it wanted to laugh.

The second invitation is the act of "leading the game" and it consists of bringing a stick or ball to it's companion and placing it in front of him/her. If you then try to grab it, it'll try to get it before you do and run away with it.

Training and fun sports

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