A Happy Dog is a Playing makes one. Learn to live by playing.

Dog's ancestor the wolf: The dog has many similarities with their ancestor the wolf. Anyone interested in their lifestyles, knows that their behavior is reflected from their heritage. This site covers playing and training the dog as man's companion. It's enough with looking at the wolf's life to see how important playing is for them, both for the physical and psychological development. The mother and father give their all in training their litter even more than their more domestic descendants. Until they are 8 weeks old (stage when their behavior development begins), the wolf pups enjoy a "baby license", which allows them to do everything which will be prohibited later once they are integrated in the wolf's social system. Playing is the magic word of their childhood with out any taboos. They are allowed to fight over food, without being afraid of being punished, they take turns playing the hunter and prey, they practice defense techniques and a quick retreat, but they also learn courting rules & conducts and mating.

Dogs Learn to live by playing

Playing is an important part for young wolves and puppies. Only through playing they are allowed to explore the world that surrounds them, strengthen family relations and learn the laws of the pack, and proving their own abilities. They become a part of their own breed, through educational games that make them familiar with future obligations. Through games, wolves and adult dogs put to the test the hierarchy they carry within the pack, they live new experiences or dispute different living conditions.

New tasks
Throughout history of the relation between man and dog, it hasn't only been of a friend and companion, but they also help as guardians of cattle & property and hunting. Man has chosen and trained dogs which had the ability for certain tasks. Today there are less and less dogs which are kept for working.

Most family dogs aren't required any tasks at all. There are many dogs however that are bored of their lifestyles and would do anything to be given tasks and could face challenges. Dog need something to keep them busy! If not, they bum around and it can affect their conduct.

Keep your dog busy, play and train them regularly, so you'll have a happy and alert companion.?
Before you start our game and entertainment plan, we recommend you choose which one is the most appropriate for your dog – and the most fun for both them and you.

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