Playing with the dog

Playing is a very important part of a young dogs education and a necessary social contact between a dog and it's owner. Playing is a kind of therapy to neutralize the dogs latent disposition to aggression. Playing in groups is specially important for dogs that spend too much time alone; this we they learn to entertain themselves.

Playing as an educational resource
To be happy and normal in it's adult life, a puppy needs as much attention as a baby, meaning taking a lot of care and playing.

Characteristics of the game

  • Playing with a dog doesn't necessarily have a certain goal, it simply consists on dragging an object from one place to another. It'll try to grab its own tail, and so forth.
  • Curiosity, for learning new things can also be part of playing.
  • When playing, a puppy shows weak inertia. It also prefers new things to keep it entertained, this means that one toy or game is not enough. You can look for new toys and original things, to keep it happy, in pet shops and stores specialized on dogs. Either way, you must be aware and cautious of the type of material it is made of.
  • The older the dog is, the more interest it'll show to one certain thing

"Swimming is a good exercise and can be very fun for it, especially when it has company".

Dogs that come from a pack are usually the ones that mostly participate in group games. The dogs' owner can take the place of it's pack, although he/she is just a substitute. A dog needs of other dogs to play with as well, to be able to familiarize with canine ways of expressing itself. So it is necessary to take it once in a while to canine parks, where they have various games of which it can play with its own kind.

Playing as a way of social contact

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