Predator Dog Instinct - Territorial Dog Behavior

Often times, dogs show their superiority status by not letting the rest of the members of the pack move around freely in their territory. On occasions they will also become aggressive with their subordinates to stop some of the disobedient members who have disobeyed their rules. This type of behavior is something alarming for a dog owner and if it happens, it will be necessary for the dog owner to train the dog (obviously the best is to train the dog before this even happens). Many times, a dog will do or show a defiant attitude that is not obvious to the dog owner and when this happens the dog obviously wins (unbeknownst to the owner). These types of things increase and give the dog the necessary confidence to show these types of power acts.

Dog diets and health: The dogs we have now a days are descendants of animals that used to hunt big sized prey in packs in order to eat. Even though humans have domesticated and selectively bred them so that they no longer look like their wild ancestors, dogs still conserve many of the characteristics that turn them into good hunters. The order in which a wild dog used to hunt was by first smelling, watching, stocking, hunting, catching, biting, shaking their prey, killing, and then eating it, and all of these types of things can sometimes be seen in our domesticated dogs today.

Predator Dog Instinct

Wolves in nature have strong predator instincts. When a wolf stalks his prey, he concentrates and stares directly as his prey without moving. He keeps his body immobile to avoid getting seen and he prepares himself and waits for the first opportunity to successfully hunt his prize. This is a trait that is unacceptable in domestic dogs, but nonetheless, it is present in many of them. This is a type of Predator Dog Instinct behavior that is innate and it cannot be eliminated. Most dogs however, control themselves just fine if they are properly taught and trained starting from the moment they are puppies.

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