Dog Pregnancy and conceiving

If your dog is pregnant, your veterinarian or an experienced person will tell the existence of the puppies in her stomach, or you can also take a scan. Having past 5 weeks, the womb is swollen, and generally it gives birth around the day 60 or 63( and almost always at 3:00 a.m., according to the statistics). During the pregnancy, it is recommendable not to give the dog any vaccination or worm treatment, but care for her and give her the best nutrition. Prepare a box, large enough for the dog litter and make it comfortable enough for her to get used to it.

The owner of the dog will decide if he/she is able to assist in the giving of birth. The dog is still calm and quiet 24 hours before giving birth, once she feels the contractions, she'll start to pant, gasp and then go to her box. But many hours might still pass before she really gives birth. During this time, you must remain very calm, as the dog needs it and can sense any kind of possible panic in it's owner. The birth of the first puppy usually lasts the longest; consequently, the others have a much shorter time period (half an hour each, more or less). The female herself will cut the umbilical chord and eat the placenta. You shouldn't stop her from doing this, for it gives her substances that make the birth shorten. As long as she is kept calm, the birth will be easy.

The number of puppies differ by the different kinds of breeds, from the single puppy ( of a York Shire) and a dozen ( from a Beagle).

You must have the veterinarians phone at hand in case of any complications in the birth.

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