Processed & Prepared dog food

Prepared foods for dogs are considered an old traditional method. It was observed that the vagabond dogs congregated in the bank of the London pier when the ships arrived because they would received hard pieces of bred or a spare cookie from the trip. In that time the interest for breeding and canine exhibition had been developed quickly after being prohibited the bullfights and dog fights. Some had the idea of cooking special cakes for dogs. He produced cakes, squared and hard cakes that had an immediate success. The cakes for dogs stayed in the market for many years, the next important issue was the preparation of sheet cakes that would come undone to form a flour that mixed easily with chopped meat. After that was the sale of cooked meat and that's how meat canned food for dogs appeared. In 1930, food canned for dogs started it's sale but they didn't achieve an acceptance until after 1945 when the canine population began to recover quickly after suffering descent during the time of war. At that time, the canned food were the dominant ones in the market of foods for companion animals. In 1957 the expanded flours were introduced in the United Stated of America, an advance on the granules and the flours, it continued in 1960 by foods with an intermediate content of humidity. In spite of such of success achieved in America none of these types of foods were popularized in the United Kingdom. It does exist several forms of preparation of foods that have less importance, including freezing, conservation and dehydration. Following will show the different types with more detail.

Recipes for Dogs

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