Preventive Dog Cares: Puppy vaccination and vermicides

Vaccines: chlrp :At two months you should vaccinate him of CD-CVH-CL-CP, and then vaccination must be repeated at three months and a year.Canine distemper complies some digestive symptoms, nervous or respiratory. In occasion some consequences remain in the shape of epilepsy attacks. The canine viruses hepatitis produces fever, gastroenteritis and an increase in ganglions. The leptospirosis presents two shapes. The first is an hemorrhage gastroenteritis, and the second a jaundice )the animal turns yellow). The parvovirus is a gastroenteritis. Hydrophobia is a serious infection but not frequent, that causes encephalitis and conduct problems, as well as excessive salivation. Vaccination against hydrophobia is obligatory in determined circumstances (camping, trips abroad, hunting, exhibitions, contaminated zones). You can also apply him a vaccine against kennel cough. This one is usually applied at breeders places.

CD = canine distemper
CVH = virosis hepatitis
CL= leptospirosis
CP = parvovirosis or gastroenteritis
R = hydrophobia

Vermicides: Application of these to a puppy starts very soon, with the breeder. The first dose is between twelve and fifteen days after birth, with a vermicide that is taken three days in a row. It's better if the veterinary, some three weeks later, injects him under the skin. When with their owners, puppies should receive a vermicide at two months, and afterwards once in a month till they are 8 months; from then on once in a year. Vermicides can be applied twice a year if the dog is in contact with children, cause there's a risk of contagion. The pregnant female must receive a vermicide ten days before and ten after delivery. Therefore, a vermicide must be applied a week before coupling. In case of tenia, vermicide must be mixed with an anti parasite treatment to be effective. Keep in mind that a treatment against worms has an only objective: kills the worms in the organism, but is not a prevention against future worms, cause it's not a vaccine. There are vermicides as pills, of oral paste, liquids and injections. Some are administrated in a unique dose, but others need several consecutive days of treatment.

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