Papers and Permits needed to travel Overseas with dog

To travel beyond national borders you need an international vaccination card. Since the entry conditions establish by different countries vary frequently, it's necessary to inform yourself previously in the correspondent consulate. A responsible owner will have already given the dog most of the required vaccinations. For some countries you also need a veterinarians' certificate. For very long England, Norway and Sweden were taboo for dog traveling, but they have stopped being so as long as certain requirements are completed (sanitation certificate issued by a veterinarian, vaccinations, marking the dog with a microchip, blood analysis, anti-parasite treatment and a propriety declaration), which need to be prepared many months in advance.

Since changes can happened constantly, it's necessary to inform yourself in the correspondent embassy before planning your vacation. To stay in a hotel or in a camping area first you have to ask if they admit dogs and you will have to have written confirmation of a reservation with a dog.

The Dogs Suitcase
You also have to make a suitcase for your dog, it includes:

  • The food and water bowl it is used to.
  • It's blanket and one or two towels, exclusively for it.
  • A water bottle for the trip.
  • A kit with medicine to fight traveling sickness and diarrhea. Also talcum, eye drops and products to fight flees.
  • A pendent for the collar which has your home and vacation address.

Dogs on Trains and Planes

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