Adopted Dog Problems

It's very important before bringing an adult adopted dog into your home, you find out about the previous owners, the type of lifestyle the dog is used to, and if the dog has some type of behavior problem. If you get a dog from an animal shelter, you may not be able to find out about this information though. There are some readopted dogs that have gone through bad experiences and must get treated with special care.From the very first moment a dog walks into a new home, he begins to pick up information about his whereabouts and what place will correspond to him in his new home. If the previous owners spoiled the dog, you will have to let him know as soon as possible who is in charge now. However, mistreated dogs have usually been ignored, and uncared for. If a dog has never had fun and been happy until now, it's possible he will be introverted and uninterested. If your new dog is like this, it will now be your job to help him get over his fears and let him know that he is in a safe and fun environment with someone who will always care for him. Never force a dog to be submissive. Offer him a quiet place that he can consider his own and safe, especially if the dog is used to quiet places and your family is loud. Don't ever obligate the dog to meet new people in a short amount of time, and let your family and friends know that the dog needs to be treated very kindly and respected, until he feels at home. If you own another dog, have them meet in the garden or a neural area. Allow them to get close to each other and smell one another, and make sure to not pay less attention to your first dog, as he might feel the other dog is trying to take his place and it could create problems.

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