Professional Assistance

Socialization Lessons for Puppies
These lessons are directed to owners and puppies that are younger than 16 months. These weekly lessons are ideal to get them used to other puppies and people. The meetings are a good base for a more formal training.

Training in a Dog Club
Some canine clubs offer training courses in which they prepare your dog while you're absent. However, even though these courses can be very useful for a specific and specialized work, it is always better if you and your dog can learn these tricks together since they will definitely help you in the future.

Personalized Training
Some behavioral problems like some signs of aggressiveness or herd chasing are so serious that they justify the help of an exclusive trainer.

A change in your dog's behavior can be a sign of disease. For some behavior problems, the veterinarian can prescribe medication that can improve your dog's health and that will certainly have a positive effect on his behavior.

Veterinary Assistance
If your dog has behavior problems, ask your veterinarian for advice. If you don't want to use your dog for breeding, you should consider sterilization. Early castration reduces and even eliminates the risk of breast tumors and urine infections in female dogs and prostate and periannal tumors on male dogs. Plus, castrated dog are usually more obedient and respond better to training.

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