Professional Breeders

The main advantage of this alternative is that breeders, be they professionals or amateurs, can offer better guarantees than other establishments as they specialize in these operations and are aware of all of the needs of their dogs. Besides, professional breeders have a very wide variety of breeds from which we can choose the most convenient dogs.

Private Breeders
Private breeders are generally specialized in one particular breed making sure that their dogs always proceed from the best of the best. You have to find out if the owner of the litter has crossed the female with a suitable male, if the crossbreeding was desired, or, otherwise, if it was accidental, etc. This is very important to know when purchasing a dog, as we have mentioned before, a cross between two breeds can bring about malformations in the puppies.

The negative side of this option is that an individual breeder usually doesn't have the same knowledge as a professional breeder, and, therefore, cannot assure you that the mother has had the ideal care.

Pet Shops
A successful purchase of a puppy at a pet shop depends on the professionalism of the establishment. The most recommendable shops to buy puppies are those that specialize in only a few breeds.

Lately there is a tendency against putting dogs in shop windows. This is a very important step as it is better for the animal to stay with its family until the moment it is sold than for it to be in a cramped space with nowhere to do exercise.

Animal Protection Societies
If all you want is the company of an animal regardless of the breed, then you can go to your local Animal Protection Society. Just remember that these animals have been exposed to far more disease and germs than other animals, so the first thing you must do is take the dog to a veterinarian and make sure that everything is ok. If there happens to be a problem with the dog, the veterinarian will tell you what treatment you ought to follow.

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