Professional Dog Grooming VS Grooming You Own Dog

A person that has a dog learns little by little how to interact and take care of that dog, however, in the case of dog groomers, veterinarians, and professionals it's different since they have to deal with all different types of dogs that have different characters and personalities. Because of this, professional dog groomers require of psychological training. Obviously the dog owner himself has more advantage when faced when his or her own dog, however this is not always enough when a problem comes up.

Defensive dogs: There are many different ways a dog can defend himself and it mostly has to do with his personality and physical characteristics. There are shy dogs that do not like being around people and that do not stay still.Obese dogs sometimes just sit on the grooming table refusing to get up and it is necessary to lift him on his feet, which never has very good results. There are also cases of aggressive dogs that show their teeth and growl and that even bite. There are actually a very small percentage of dogs that cannot get groomed because of their aggressiveness. Obviously it turns into a very interesting thing when the dog is a small poodle or a toy dog. The best grooming results happen with dogs that are trained to be tranquil and calm. And the truth is that it is normal for dogs to defend themselves when they are getting groomed. Because of this it is very important the groomer does not cause the dog to suffer and does his or her job as quickly as possible, talks to the dog to calm him down and so that he does not feel afraid even when some of the things the groomer does may hurt the dog a little, and that he or she be aware of a dog's body language to know how to respond.

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