Puppies and Muzzles

Even though you might not like the idea, puppies need to get used to wearing a muzzle, it's the law. And remember that your puppy is not always going to be a puppy, he will grow up to be a bigger dog one day and trying to teach him to wear a muzzle then will be more of a hassle. To put a muzzle on a puppy you will need to do the same procedure you do when you put a collar on him by previously giving the muzzle to him so he can play with it causing his odor to become impregnated on it. Then proceed to putting it on him; most likely at this point he will start grabbing at it to take it off, since a muzzle isn't the most comfortable thing for puppies and dogs. Try to calm the puppy down by talking to him and ordering him "No, No" while at the same timepetting him. After a few minutes take the muzzle off of the puppy and praise him effusively. Practice the same again about two or three more times throughout the day, until little by little the puppy becomes used to wearing it. To reaffirm your acceptation, each time you are going to take the puppy out on a walk, put it on him. Once you are out in the park or plaza, if you want you can take it off of him. This way, the puppy will associate his going out times with the collar and the muzzle. Remember though, to not take it off of him when he himself is trying to force it off, since this will turn into a habit because he will know that every time he tries to take it off, you come to rescue him.

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