Puppy Aptitude Test Results for Personality &Temperament test

Two or more md, with some d: Lively dog, potentially aggressive, not suggested for children or old people, as well as to cohabit with dogs of the same sex. Will need expert handling for training.Three or more d: Will be easy to train with coherent methods. Ideal for a home with adults, with a quite atmosphere.

Three or more s: This dog will settle down well in any environment, and good mate for children and old people. Hardly will be a defensive dog. Obedient, though could have problem in defensive exercises.

Two or more ms: Specially if gets some i: very submissive, good for grown kids but not for little ones, cause these could treat him badly, and produce character problems. With these dogs key word is honey, even in training.

Two or more i: Specially if one refers to social dominance: difficult to socialize and train, not recommendable for little kids, he could bite them due to his nerves, specially if in some tests has an md or d. Not ideal for defense; fear induces him to bite.

Social Dominance: This fourth phase consists in: we bend down to pet the puppy calmly, starting by the head, and going slowly to the neck, and then the back.

Acceptance to be Lifted: We bend down, hold the puppy beneath the abdomen with interlaced fingers and lift him during thirty seconds.

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