Puppy at Play Puppy Game to Play

Puppy games and play: Playing and rough housing has a very special meaning. These types of games should not be interpreted just as simple games, but as functions that will lead them to develop activities that will be useful to them in the future. These types of games help a puppy to become more agile and alert for the development of the specific characteristics of the breed you have. This is why puppies play around as if they are hunting their prey and if they have a brother or sister to play with, they fight and hunt together without hurting each other though. The mouth is a prime and essential tool for canines; they need to use their teeth, biting and breaking at stuff in order to strengthen their jaws. Another reason puppies constantly bite at things is to alleviate the discomfort and pain they feel when they are teething. A puppy's claws are also another essential tool they use to catch their prey, and this helps to speed up and polish their motor skills. A puppy's body structure is not completely formed when it is born, and neither are the functions they need to develop slowly, and this is why playing and rough housing contribute to the dexterity and flexibility of the puppy, by giving them stronger muscles and more strength. Besides this puppies are very curious and it seems like absolutely everything catches their attention, which is important for their mental development, since they feel permanently stimulated by a discernment process which helps them to remain constantly attentive. Because of this, these mischievous and rambunctious behaviors are necessary for the puppy's physical and psychological development. Don't fret, as this only lasts a few months and it is necessary we allow them to be. This doesn't mean though that you shouldn't go teaching the puppy; a puppy can be taught little by little and it is necessary to train them starting at that age and getting them used to words like "No, No". Never punish your puppy by hitting or using physical force. Another good suggestion is to also allow your puppy to play with other puppies or even bigger dogs. A puppy needs to be allowed to play outdoors for at least an hour or two a day in order to get sun, exercise, to stretch and play.

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