Puppy Barking VS Training Puppies

Puppies and training: One of the most important things all puppy and dog owners need to learn is patience. You can't expect your puppy to immediately behave correctly or understand exactly why it is being punished.
A puppy's mind is not fully developed and this causes it to easily forget and to sometimes repeat mistakes over and over. Your puppy's ability to understand and retain what you are teaching it is limited and therefore consistent stimulation is crucial to maintain its attention and focus.

Puppy Barking at Door Bell

One of the hallmarks of puppies is their desire to bark at everything. Whether it is the door bell, the blender, strangers or things that go bang, zip or whistle puppies just want to let the world know that they are there and on the job. The instinct to bark is a natural one that comes from a dogs desire to guard you and your household (and the area that it considers its territory) from harm or danger. Barking is what will in the future alert you to possible problems. To teach your puppy that it is ok to bark when the door bell rings (or strangers are at the door) but that then it needs to stop once you command it to, follow these steps. When the doorbell sounds and your puppy begins barking go over to it and stand next to your puppy. Let it bark for a few seconds and then command it to be quiet. You will probably have to put your hand over its muzzle to force it to be quiet as you give it the command. Once you give the command "Quiet" go and answer the door. You can have a friend or family member help you practice this exercise with your puppy by ringing the doorbell for you. Be sure to generously reward your little puppy dog every time it gets it right.

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