Puppy Behavior: behavior training for puppy

Don't forget the puppy behavior is guide by the fact that a puppy does not know how to take care of himself, and if you leave him to do whatever he wants, he won't be happy, and will become a worried and nervous animal. Know this when adopting a puppy, because it means you have to model and direct an intelligent mind and model its behavior. Naturally, puppies are not all the same. Mankind has interfered in the natural selection process, and has modified, apart from the shape, the psychological characteristics of canine breeds.Actually there still are dogs that preserve conduct schemes, very similar to that of wolves. Other dogs, however, are very distant (or better, have been distanced) from those schemes, to the point they don't need a social hierarchy, and consider their pack is limited to them and their owners. These substantial differences seem to make it very difficult when writing about puppies education in a general way, without specifying concrete breeds. Each one has very different conducts, reactions and appetites. However, we must not forget a very important factor. Canine breeds, selected and recognized, are really not as simple as it looks.

If man stops intervening in selection, and all dogs in the world return to a wild state, in about two generations any trace of canine breed will disappear, and there would only be big typologies (molosoides, teckels, etc) that used to live thousands of years ago, before men interviened. And if man continues to keep apart, probably typologies, along the years, will start to become more similar between them, and also becoming more alike to the wild dogs we know at present, presenting more adequate characteristics for survival. The thing is that, no matter the big differences between breeds, just under their external aspect, we find a unique dog, or to be more concrete, a unique wolf.

In the case of puppies, these wolves are more obvious, cause they are natural beings not yet influenced by external environments. Therefore, is easy to approach the little wolf within, that is the same for all breeds, colors and sizes. To him we must talk from the beginning, establishing a relation between pupil and master, that in the future will make a dog an inseparable mate, and beyond any doubt, a valuable partner.

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