Puppy Care

Puppy dog care: The purpose of a competition or fight between two male dogs is usually to mate with the female dogs within their territory when they are in heat. The puppies that are born are taken care exclusively by the female dog, which will take care of them until they are old enough to join the rest of the pack. Even though their maternal conduct is instinctive, the mother gets better at it with experience. Things like cutting the umbilical cord when her puppies are born, cleaning them and allowing them to breast feed, are all natural behaviors that occur without any previous experience however, they become better at it after having had several babies.

Female Dog Care: Sometimes a female dog will get on top of another female dog as if mating with her, as strange as this may seem, female dogssometimes do this to show and remind the other dog that she is in charge and in command and she will do this when the underdog does something that she considers inappropriate inside her pack. This type of dominance is a less aggressive way of maintaining control without having to recur to a fight. This type of dominance helps the dominant one to gain control over the situation again as the leader.

Cleaning a puppy: A mother dog licks her babies to stimulate them and to clean them. The mother will continue cleaning them this way until they are big enough to leave, and she does this after she has fed them by swallowing the waste to keep their area clean. Doing this helps to keep the puppies from getting diseases and it also reduces the possibility of predators coming near due to the smell.

Give me puppy food:Little puppies instinctively lick their mother's mouths. Even though domesticated dogs rarely regurgitate their food to give it to their puppies, their ancestors used to take food to their homes in their stomach and would then give it to their puppies when the puppies asked. Little puppies also do this to humans when they jump up and try to lick at our face. If the owner of a puppy gives the puppy a treat or food after doing this, it will turn into a bad habit.

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