Puppy Characteristics. Courage, Combativeness, Docility, Vigilance, Curiosity, Sociability, Possessiveness.

Reaction (or Temper): With this word we qualify the speed of the dog's reaction to external stimulation, positive or negative. A dog with a lively temper will quickly react when seeing his owner, or against an intruder. We don't care how he reacts, but the speed; the sooner he reacts, the stronger his temper.

Courage: It's the capacity of bearing disgusting or painful external stimulation. For example, if we step on a weak dog's paw, he will start crying or limping . A strong dog will ignore it. The middle temper dog will probably howl, briefly, but will immediately go back to what he was doing. Temper increases with age. Puppies are very tricky. In attacking exercises included in working tests, the trainer hits the dog twice with the stick, to value his temper and not because of cruelty.

Aggressiveness: Is the impetus for fighting as reaction to a threatening stimulation towards him, his territory, or the people he loves. Aggressiveness is not good or bad, but a natural characteristic that all dogs must have, though in some breeds is stronger than others. What really matters (specially in working animals) is combativeness. Aggressiveness in itself is no more than an impulse that can cause a fight, if the dog is combative, but will run away if he lacks it.

Combativeness :Is the capacity to get into action, that is, transforming aggressiveness in fighting.

Docility: In the dog means spontaneous acceptance of man as a hierarchic superior, without imposition. In practice, is the capacity to love his owner, to obey him, to learn what he teaches him, and to trust him.

Vigilance: Is the capacity of warning by barking or body language, of a possible external danger for him or his owner. This usually happens, more frequently, within his territory. However, training can help to stimulate this quality in neutral territory.

Curiosity: It's interest for the external world, and everything that can attract his attention. It's a very important attribute, cause without it, the dog is indifferent, and unable to learn.

Sociability :Is the capacity to approach men in a simple and natural way. Don't mix up with socialization, that is the period when the dog starts having a hierarchic place within the pack (or the family).

Possessiveness:Is his capacity of considering himself as owner of something or somebody. It is very important, because without it, the dog would not defend his owner or house if they are not his.

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