Puppy Collars & Puppy Leash

Puppies and their collars: Puppies often have a bad reaction the first time they are made to wear a collar but there is a way to help them enjoy having a collar. Some puppies become frightened, desperate and they try to wiggle their way out from this weird thing around their necks. To avoid this negative reaction, try giving your puppy the collar one or two days before you intend to put it on. This way the puppy plays with it, becomes familiar with it and puts its scent on it. Then when you place it around the puppy's neck it won't be such a shock as it is already a little familiar with this new thing.
Once the puppy has accepted having it around its neck, you should put it on the puppy, inside the house, for a few minutes at a time. Always be sure to praise good behavior. Gradually increase the amount of time that the puppy wears the collar (and the tightness) until you are able to take puppy out for walks with its collar on.

Puppy walks on leash: Before taking your puppy for a walk anywhere outside the safety of your house and yard it is your responsibility as the owner to make sure that it is comfortable and accustomed to being walked with a collar and leash. If when you first put on the leash the puppy reacts fearfully, do not try and force it to follow but rather try to patiently and slowly have the puppy become accustomed to the leash. You can help your puppy to accept the leash in much the same way as the collar, by letting the puppy play with the leash before using it. Always be upbeat and enthusiastic about the collar and leash and keep them a positive experience. As soon as your puppy is comfortable with using the collar and leash you should begin training it and teaching it proper leash behavior. The sooner you teach your puppy the correct way to behave the less you will have to undo once it gets older.

Shaking your puppy's paw: Although it is cute to when your puppy offers its paw to be shaken, this behavior can lead to problems later on in the puppy's life and so should be avoided. A lot depends the role that you are training your puppy for. If you want your puppy to become a reliable watchdog then it is not a good idea to teach it to give its paw to strangers as some ill intentioned person could take advantage of the situation.

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