Puppy Dog Nuisance Barking

-Why do puppy bark? Dogs bark for different reasons: to alert the presence of an intruder, to call on his pack of dogs, in expression of fear or solitude and to threaten other people or dogs in order to scare them off. Many dogs bark just to scare them off.

-How to keep a puppy from barking? It's very important that you realize that you're not the one who is encouraging yourdog to bark. If you laugh or pet him every time he starts to bark, he will continue barking seeing it pleases you. Or if you start screaming at him for barking he will see at as if you barking as well and it won't help.

When your dog begins to bark stay quiet and calm, and he will be forced to quiet down to be able to hear you. A toy he likes will also encourage him to stay quiet if he is feeling lonely or just plain bored.

-Why do they steal our things?

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