Dog & Puppy Chewing Drywall & Things

- Why do they destroy so many things with their teeth? Dogs always have to chew on things. Some bad chewing habits include:

  • puppy chewing drywall
  • lab puppy chewing drywall
  • puppy leash chewing
  • puppy from chewing furniture

But even more so if they are puppies, since it alleviates their gums while their permanent teeth are coming out. The problem is that a puppy can't distinguish between a wooden stick and a chair leg, or an old shoe and a new one, your puppy will destroy things with their teeth without thepuppy chewing drywall least regret!

-How do I stop my dog from chewing things? Offer him plenty ofchewing toysespecially bought for him like those chewing bones you can purchase in pet stores that store vitamins and proteins… Your dog will love them!

Why do they like digging in the dirt?

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