Dog Potty Training Outside the House

Why has he taken our house for a bathroom? Puppies have to learn when and where they are allowed to do their necessities, in other words they must always do such things out in the street and never under a roof. In the beginning it will be normal for it to happen, especially at night; after all they're like babies and can't control themselves like adults can. It's logical for them to have accidents from time to time, up till they're around 3-4 months, but they still learn not to go in the house pretty quickly, as long as they are trained correctly.

How do I train my puppy to do outside the house? It's normal for your dog to want to go right after playing, when he wakes up in the morning, every time he gets exited, and when he just finishes eating. So in these circumstances you must take him out of the house immediately (always to the same place), even if it's cold, snowing or raining and wait until he finishes. Repeat a couple of words such as <Come On!>, <Let's Go!> or <Hurry Up!> that should remind him what he is doing out in the get house in poop rid smell When you see he starts smelling everything or going around in circles start encouraging him talking nicely and affectionately so he finishes up, when he does, praise and pet him and give a special treat as a prize. If you don't get him to go while outside take him back home, but don't take your eyes off of him for a minute. If you see him going around in circles, or sniffing things it means that he is about to go, and he is looking for the best place to go. If you have to leave his side for a minute leave him locked in his little park or cage, or in any closed place so it will be easy to find and clean up in case of an accident. If you find him about to go inside the house you must scream: <Out side!>, in an urgent tone and immediately take him out, so he sees where he wants him to do his business. It doesn't matter if it's too late, what's important is that he associates the street with going to the bathroom. What you must never do under any circumstance is get mad at him for having gone inside the house. If he pees or poos inside the house; it's not because he is dirty but because you weren't quick enough. Why do they jump on people?

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