Stop Puppy Dog from Jumping on People

Why do they jump on people? You probably already know that dogs jump on people to show their affection. They love to get as close as they can to our faces, and even try to get on to are legs while we sit. It is possible that you aren't bothered by this if you are wearing old cloths, since you will get them dirty with his paws with dirt etc. But you understand that if you allow this kind of behavior he will jump on other people that might be bothered by this or even get accidentally knocked down.

How do I stop dog from jumping on people? Think of how you would like him to greet you ajumping dognd your friends. Maybe sitting next to you or bringing you a ball wanting too play with him? If you want to teach him to greet you this way you must make him feel ignored when jumping on to someone. If he jumps on you, give him your back, and cross your arms, but pet him and give him lot of attention every time he greets you by sitting next to you or calmly greeting you. For the next step you'll need your friends help. Hold him down with a leash or ask an adult grab him. And when your friends arrive tell them to ignore him completely by looking upwards towards the roof, trees or whatever until the dog calms down. As soon as the dog sits down or lies over greet him with your friends by petting him, but –careful! - If he gets all worked up again immediately ignore him again until he gets the picture.

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