Puppy Dog Behavior Problems

Does your puppy dog have behavior problems? Are they serious behavior problems? Are the problems really the fault of the puppy or does the problem lie with the puppy's owner? Do you know how to best handle the problems and how to train your puppy so that it will get over these problems? If the answer you give is not the best answer then we highly suggest that you look up or buy one of the many good books that deal specifically with this topic. What we will be dealing with here in this section of the site is looking at why puppies have problems and how the owner can help to prevent these unwanted behaviors. An adult dog's behavior is the result of the interaction by it, when it was a puppy, with its environment and the influences upon it through genetics, first experiences and training. If a puppy was brought up in a loving, caring environment and was sufficiently trained and socialized, then chances are that when it grows up into an adult dog it will be well adjusted, well behaved and not be overly afraid or aggressive. If however the puppy was not brought up adequately, was not shown the love and care it needed, was not trained and given consistent just discipline then the result will not be pleasant. Not all problems in dogs are a result of good or poor upbringing. There are many things that can affect a dogs behavior that are genetic and simply passed down from generation to generation. This is why it is important to be as choosy as you can when getting a new dog. This is especially true with pure breeds whose genetic imprinting is stronger. The first experiences of a puppy tend to be the most impacting and long lasting of its life. If the puppy was abused, mistreated or deprived of affection and positive emotional interaction then the result will be profoundly negative for the dog. However if a puppy's first experiences were good and properly supervised then the dog stands a much better chance of growing up happy and well adjusted. More often than not the saying that there are no bad dogs only mistaken owners is true of dogs suffering from aggression.

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