Puppy Dog Characters

Puppy characters: The characters and behaviors of each breed respond to the typical behavior that specific breed acquired genetically, as well as those acquired in response to maternal behavior, the environment around him, and the experiences the puppy has been through while around humans.This is the reason why we have sometimes come across puppies that grow up adopting undesired behaviors such as aggressiveness, shyness, fearful, or hyperactive as well as many others. A lot of these emotional problems depend on the way the dog or puppy has been treated and on what the puppy has been exposed to during his growing stage, which in turn becomes aconsequence of the behavior of the owner and environment surrounding the puppy. Because of this very important factor, it is important we don't blame our puppy for not turning out to be the dog we expected or had hoped for. Lets suppose that a little puppy grows up in an environment where he is always around fights, yelling and arguments all the time, or when everyone in the house yells, when there isn't any emotional stability; you better believe the poor little puppy will adopt an insecure and unstable behavior. Sometimes puppies react submissively to this type of treatment, others become aggressive and violent though due to their own emotional instability. Once again it is important to ask yourself if the puppy's problems are really a behavior problem or if the owner himself or herself has them.

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