Stopping a Dog from Digging Dirt

-Why do puppy dogs they like digging in the dirt? Digging is a natural instinct for dogs, but digging holes in dirt is also considered a fun game for them. Some breeds such as Terriers, were raised to dig in search of vermin, so for them its practically an unbreakable instinct. Naturally dogs may dig for different reasons: to retrieve a prey out of its hiding place, to dig out roots to chew on, to make holes to be able to sleep in or just a shelter from the wind. But many dogs just dig for entertainment when their bored.

How to I stop puppy digging? Ask and adult to help you dig out a hole for your puppy in a corner of your garden: dig it out and fill up with dirt and sand. This gravel wistopping a dog from diggingll drain easily when it rains, so your dog won't dirty himself as much when digging. While you are digging out this hole in the dirt let your dog see you. Better yet, make sure he sees you place something irresistible to him in the bottom of the hole (like a bone, or toy). Then let him dig it out and play with it the way he pleases. For the next few weeks place similar objects and prizes in the hole. The idea is that he gets attracted to that specific corner of the garden, since it's in that corner that you're leaving him prizes: this way he won't be digging at other points of your garden, and your plants won't be at risk.

-Why do they bark?

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