Puppy dog illness symptoms

Puppy's eyes: A healthy puppy's eyes should normally be shiny, wide open and not be milky looking. It is a good idea, whenever you are grooming your puppy, to gently wipe any discharge that has built up around his eyes. Use a moist cloth to do this. If you notice that the discharge is yellow or green, talk to your veterinarian about it. Puppies with light colored hair might develop some discoloration around their eyes from excessive tearing. There are commercial solutions you can use to reduce this discoloration. Always consult with your veterinarian before applying any ointments or solutions to your puppy's eyes. Puppies can sometimes develop problems like conjunctivitis and inflammation of the inside of the eyelid. They can also suffer from accidental injuries to their eyes because of a scratch or by something getting into the puppy's eyes. Conjunctivitis is an ailment that has very obvious symptoms. These are reddening of the eye, tearing, blinking and discharge. If a puppy is suffering from dry eyes they will look dull and be sticky, this condition always causes the puppy lots of pain. One hereditary problem that some breeds are affected by is cataracts, although actually any breed can get them. In cases where the cataracts are not hereditary when a dog has cataracts it often means it has diabetes mellitus. Dogs that have lost their sight are still able to take care of themselves pretty well because their sense of smell and hearing increases tremendously. Blindness in puppies and dogs does not mean the end of the dog's life but it will mean that they will need special attention.

Puppy's ears: It is a very good idea to check your puppy's ears on a weekly basis. Lift the puppy's ears and check to observe if the insides are pink. There should not be a bad odor and there should not be any scabs or discharge. If the puppy has discharge it could mean that the dog has a bacterial infection. You should check for any signs of unpleasant odor, redness, or inflammation. If your puppy dog has any of these symptoms, have your veterinarian it.If your puppy has an excess of dirt in his ears, you can use moist cotton balls to clean them out. Make sure to not go too deep into the dog's ear canal. Puppies with large, long and hairy ears like bloodhounds, and beagles need special attention because the air cannot flow freely into to their ears and ear canals.

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