Puppy Dog Medication Time

Puppy medication time: If you need to give your dog medication in the form of a pill, the best way is to place the puppy in front of you and make him sit. Take the pill in your right hand and offer it to the puppy by first letting him smell it. While doing that, tell the dog "Medicine" or something to the sort, then with your left hand softly apply pressure against the puppy's molars so that he opens his mouth and say "Open, Open" without rushing or forcing the puppy. Once the puppy has opened his mouth, drop the pill in his throat as far as you can get, then close your puppy's mouth and lift him slightly so that he swallows it. Praise and prize your puppy right afterwards. I also like to insert the pill in a piece of cheese. If you need to give your dog liquid medications, place the medication inside a little plastic container, (make sure you do not use a metal spoon though) and the same as with the pill, put the medication inside the puppy's throat, then close the puppy's mouth and lift him slightly so that he swallows it and so that it does not drip out of his mouth. Then, praise and prize him. Your puppy will soon learn to collaborate quickly. When you take your puppy to get vaccinated or to get an injection, you will need to instill trust in him. Never grab on to the puppy with force and don't have other people hold him down since this will only cause the dog to become terrified and panic. Injections don't generally hurt puppies even though sometimes puppies let out a yelp the first time because they are afraid of the whole situation, and this is why it is important to act as normal as possible with the puppy. Once the puppy realizes no one is out to hurt him, he will learn to trust you and the veterinarian. Make sure to always praise and prize your puppy afterwards, this is extremely important.

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