Puppy Dog Snake or Insect Bite

Puppy dog snake bite: Don't put a tourniquet on the puppy or attempt to suck the venom out of the snakebite. The best way to slow the circulation of the venom is by limiting your puppy's activity as much as possible. Get veterinary attention right away. Snakebites are extremely painful so handle the puppy with a lot of care.
Puppy dog insect stings: Believe it or not insect bitescan actually cause a puppy a lot of discomfort and can cause allergic reactions to the dog such as hives. In some cases the dog may have difficulty breathing. Make sure to call the veterinarian right away.
Wasp stings on a puppy: Make sure to wash the affected zone with a solution of vinegar and water.
Bee stings on a puppy: Try to remove the stinger with some tweezers (the stinger looks like a short dark hair). Put sodium bicarbonate mixed with water on the bite.

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