Puppy Ear Care. Cleaning Puppy Ear Infection

It's important to know the precise and adequate ways of cleaning their ears to prevent infections.
The Ear Structure: The auditory channel has the shape of an elbow: knowing it will allow to clear his ears without hurting him.

Ear Cleansing: It's not necessary or useful to clean the ears daily. Sound treatment can be done once in a week. But the external part of the ear can be clean daily in case of dogs with long ones. This allows detecting if any piece of grass is in between his hair. You must use an specific product for dogs, in the shape of an auricular lotion. The bottle use to have a flexible dripper that must be introduced carefully in the ear. In case of dogs with long hairs, lift them up, vertically. There must be a certain pressure over the bottle; then a massage in the ear's base so the substance gets in and dissolves impurities located at the bottom of the channel. Then get a piece of cotton with the point of your finger, and take away the rests of the product. The animal must not suffer any pain, and cotton should stay clean enough. If not, there is an auricular affection. Regular care will help to detect it quickly.

What we should know: Don't use a cotton stick; with it you can only push dirties to the bottom of the auditory channel instead of eliminating them.

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